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Immortality -2


Taken by an old cleanery in a small village in Crete, Greece.

Taken by an old cleanery in a small village in Crete, Greece.

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After a long time of heard studies at school I´m finally finding time to start with a little blogging again 🙂 Also I have worked on changing the image to fit both my main page and my blog, and I feel very happy with my changes.

Today I choose to post this image that I took by an old cleanery near an old village in Crete, Greece. Its one of my favourite places on earth, this used to function as a cleanery and meeting place for the women of the village in the old days. Whenever I walk here I feel such a strangely good feeling, and it makes me wonder what this place could have been used for other then functioning as a cleanery for these women… maybe like some kind of free haven for them that the men would never enter, and they would feel free to speak their mind and be there for each other… I dont know.. all i know is that is amazing to be there and at least feels like a haven to me…


Lady Of The Forest


The Little Mermaid

Taken in Crete, Greece, july 2012

Little Mermaid

Taken in Crete, Greece july 2012


My husband and child in Sparta 2011

Road of dust and dreams

Taken in a small mountain village in Crete Island, Greece. 

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Hey! My new webpage is now up and running 🙂 check it out! 

Still under construction, as I´m adding pictures and albums from past work. 

Have a great day everyone! 


Picture is taken in Chalkida, Greece 2011