Immortality -2

Lady Of The Forest


The Little Mermaid

Taken in Crete, Greece, july 2012

Little Mermaid

Taken in Crete, Greece july 2012


My husband and child in Sparta 2011


After reading Tracie Louises blog yesterday, it gave me the inspiration to take a good look back into what used to really inspire me in the past. And I decided I will add this page as a tribute to all that inspire me. Being everything from a bird to an artist, a river or a melody… everything. 

Today, as my first post in this new part of my blog, i will dedicate it to one of the first big inspirations I can remember. A painting by Salvador Dalí. This painting, or more precisely, this part of the painting made me get back into drawing again when I was around 14 years old. This little creature opened up a whole new door to my inner imagination, and gave me a way to for the first time really express the world inside me just waiting to get out. If  you see the little angel like creature down between the elephants long legs, slightly to the right…? There it is… my little muse…. 

Road of dust and dreams

Taken in a small mountain village in Crete Island, Greece. 


Picture is taken in Chalkida, Greece 2011

Sunglasses 2

Taken for a models portfolio in Crete Island, Greece 2011.

Red Flowers

Taken on a foot trip through one of Crete´s many villages