Immortality -2

Back again :)

Then Im back again after a long time of no blogging. Its been a great summer and I hope you are all still enjoying yours 🙂 Although Im back I may for a while post only once or twice per week. Better posting fewer and better… 

Glad to be back!

Have a nice day everyone! 

Happy summer everyone :)

I would just like to wish everyone a great summer 🙂 I have been busy with exams and now a little busy with family and travels so therefor I will be back blogging again in a few weeks. Miss it a lot, but there is no time right now.

So, enjoy the summer months and have loads of fun and take lots of great pictures 🙂

Summer greetings from me 

New webpage

Hey! My new webpage is now up and running 🙂 check it out! http://doflight.net/ 

Still under construction, as I´m adding pictures and albums from past work. 

Have a great day everyone!