Inspiration: William Blake

William Blake is also a big inspiration to me, he’s art and writing are beautiful both in looks and content. He’s engravings, drawings and paintings are free and full of expression. This poem is one of my favorites and I would like to share it with you, so that who knows…. maybe one of you will find inspiration in Blakes work as well. 



I love to draw angels, here is one version of how I would draw them for a card or even as decoration in my books. 

Dysnomia..my world in drawings

As I feel quite inspired these days, I will now start to add my drawings to this page as well. And perhaps even some written words of poetry. I really feel like I want this blog to also show me, and the many ways I like to express my creativity. Why not? I guess I will finally take the chance to lay it all out there, and have this blog as my true channel of expression. It makes me happy, feeling like my blog is finally part of me in the way I always wanted it to. So… I welcome you to Dysnomia….